Our IT Strategy & Transformation team goes beyond delivering recommendations on key technology decisions. We help our customers develop an exciting vision that supports company goals but also open doors to new business possibilities.

We do not hesitate in proposing ideas and solutions that may different from standards if we firmly believe they would propel the performance of your business.

Do we walk the talk? Absolutely. Bergmen Consulting's capabilities have been designed to seamlessly combine Business and IT minds that create sound solutions, and sharp execution leaders that brings them to life efficiently.

IT Organization Transformation

Reposition and redesign your IT organization to drive agility and business innovation.

Bergmen Consulting helps IT and Business leaders reposition and redesign their IT organization to power business innovation and reach performance goals.

We have developed a holistic approach to assess gaps and develop bridges between business goals and the IT organization, taking into perspective its culture, workforce, processes, and ecosystem.

Our seasoned consultants leverage years of experience with various operating models and innovative thinking to draw effective blueprints and transformational roadmaps that lead to successful reorganizations. We also team up with executives to assist in driving changes.

Enterprise & Solution Architecture

Make the right choices and design a technology ecosystem that accelerates the future.

With the technology landscape growing fast, deciding on solution designs, technology stacks, and how to assemble them into a coherent ecosystem that adds value, reduces costs and limits risks can be challenging.

Bergmen Consulting applies modern architecture principles, as well as deep expertise in a broad range of new and legacy technologies, to help IT and Business leaders answer technical questions, set directions, and develop an integration strategy that delivers results.

Digital Vision & Roadmap

Develop a portfolio of digital solutions to enhance customer experience.

Organizations are transforming the way they do business through digitalization. Bergmen Consulting can bring a new perspective on business strategies and processes, through the knowledge of digital solutions that can drive better customer experience and insights.

At Bergmen Consulting, our technology and customer experience consultants work as one to create and bring to life innovative, business-driven, digital solutions.

Solution & Vendor Selection

Strategically and methodically choose the right part(ner) that fits your short- and long-term goals.

Bergmen Consulting helps business and IT leaders methodically select the partners and solutions that optimize the fulfillment of their needs.

Our experienced consultants work together with business and IT stakeholders to develop RFPs that channel vendor candidates on what matters, inhibit any potential over or under selling, and fasten the selection.

We will assemble a powerful team from our various service lines to cover all expertise needed throughout the process. Our focus is on evaluating the fulfillment of business needs of the proposed solutions, their fit with the current ecosystem, and their alignment with long-term IT strategies.


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