We pride ourselves on marketing innovation and fresh insights distinguished by a unique combination of creativity and analytical discipline.

Our consultants have an impressive record of conceptualizing strategies that bring together expansive out-of-box thinking reinforced by a rigorous dedication to data and testing.

Whether you're faced with enterprise-wide initiatives across multiple channels or narrowly defined projects, our consultants can marshal their expertise to help you:

  • Conceptualize new integrated marketing strategies and implementation plans.
  • Refine and reframe existing marketing programs for optimal performance.
  • Harvest customer insights for deeper understanding and actionable wisdom leading to stronger short-term and long-term results.
  • Achieve deeper customer relationships through engagement strategies with a target of long-term loyalty.

Loyalty Ideation & Transformation

Envision a loyalty strategy with the customer at the center of your business.

Most enterprises view loyalty too narrowly as a system of rewards to incentivize recurring customer spend. At Bergmen Consulting, we have a more expansive view of loyalty that disrupts traditional notions of rewarding behavior.

Our revolutionary approach shifts the emphasis of loyalty. For achieving true long-term business growth, we help companies demonstrate their loyalty to the customer, thereby creating a solid foundation for cultivating relationships based on deep affinity with the brand.

We can help enterprises carve new, visionary approaches for loyalty that place customers at the pivot point of successful strategies.

Customer Experience Innovation

Understand the multiplicity of customers for creating an ideal customer journey.

Everyone knows there isn't a single typical customer or a monolithic customer experience. But how can complex businesses achieve a deeper and more precise understanding of the complex universe of customers and the range of potential experiences?

Our teams at Bergmen Consulting have a track record of helping businesses perceive and shape fulfilling and productive experiences beginning with the initial point of brand awareness. Through creative and rigorous methods of observation and analysis, we can help you identify and enhance the multitude of experiences, leading to heightened customer satisfaction and soaring financial results.

Ultimately, we view ourselves as partners in your mission to lead all customer journeys to a destination of enduring loyalty.

Customer Insights

Lead your business from information to wisdom and actionable plans.

Big Data itself is like a deeply buried gold mine, and until you can find the most valuable nuggets of information, the potential value remains unknown -- and, more importantly, unusable.

Our customer insights experts at Bergmen Consulting can help you glean the most important trends, behaviors, and opportunities from vast amounts of data. We use these insights to isolate strategies and actionable plans with the greatest potential impact on your business.

The power of information comes only from the power of wisdom in truly understanding and using that information. We can assist your teams to distinguish between fool's gold and the most highly valued treasures.


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